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How to sell your personal essay? Tips for newcomers

Every work of art is looking for their audience. Write a good essay in school or college and sell them – this is 2 different things. If you feel that you can influence people with the help of words and touch their hearts is your true calling, then start to read this article. You will find there a lot of nuances to become a selling essayist.

There are 3 easy steps:

  • Find a job in the market;
  • Write to the employer;
  • Improve your skills despite the results of the interview.

Looking through the market carefully

There are a lot of different magazines, which write on different themes. For example, entertainment, science fiction, economics, politics, society. And each of them has its own style with the special kind of telling. It is recognized by everyone. You should have the same demand as the magazine.

After searching the best variant at the market, find the magazine you like most. It means, its style and content. Find some essays in the archives and check their lengths, style. Don’t forget to know if it is a serious magazine or a kind of humour and satiric. Be sure, that your essays are in demand of the magazine.

Write to the editor

The next important step is to find the necessary information for the magazine. Remember, that you can write to the online magazine. It is easier to find particular information in online journals on the Internet.

Find the email address of a column writer, for example, popular science. If you couldn’t find the address, don’t get upset. There’s a phone number to consult the office and ask for the help of the writer you are looking for.

You should get some attention when you are writing the email. Write the subject otherwise your letter will be considered spam. Write about yourself and explain the reason why the essay can get the writer interested. Brevity is the soul of wit, that’s why to write 4 sentences.

Don’t be disappointed

Don’t think about refusal as the end of life. There are a lot of reasons why the essay didn’t work. It isn’t mean that you haven’t a talent.

Remember the first thought in the article about the demand? Maybe so. The work is well, but it doesn’t fit the content of this magazine. Exiting the comfort zone is good and praisefully, but the magazines have their audience, which like their style. There’s no much sense to include something that people don’t like.

The unworked material is the second reason. To have a good idea isn’t much. Maybe, the research you’ve made hasn’t been finalized or you didn’t have the skills to attract people’s attention because of the lack of experience.

Write more and the structure will be improved.

Improve your own style

Special thoughts always stay in memory for a long time. Try to find your own style: a unique, personal formula will help you to find your loyal audience. If you don’t understand how to do this, read a lot. Seriously, read a lot. As you know, Ray Bradbury came out of a poor family and hadn’t the opportunity to go to college, but he read a lot. Later he will joke that he had finished the library. It successfully paid back.

Because of the reading, you can not only find some literary devices and understand how the attention focus works. It enriches the vocabulary. Magazines and books can inspire you and develop your personal manner of writing.

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